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by Noah Gordon

There's something weird about Gordon's novels, they sit on the shelf, looking hefty and imposing. It takes me forever to start one, but once I do, I steam through, luxuriating in every page.

I loved The Physician with a passion, and this is another great book by the same author. At times events seem similar to those in the first book, but this novel holds its own as well. I found the small moments of humor very good indeed, and also loved the pioneer elements, as that's one of my favorite things to read about.

The scope of this novel is less than The Physician, but then, it doesn't span continents and decades as great as the first novel. I liked watching Shaman discover the secrets of his father, and was appalled at Rob. J's end. Makawa's (hope I'm spelling that right) fate was shocking, as was that of Comes Singing - I didn't see it coming at it was handled beautifully, with the utmost drama.

The book also gets points for surprising me with the word 'poontang'. Always nice to learn a little something about language.

I would have liked perhaps a little more in the way of fight in the protagonist (Shaman), he doesn't have to fight very hard for his happiness at the end of the novel, and I thought there should have been a more definite ending to the conspiracy storyline - though I understand why it ends as it does.

It's a great novel, and I think I even like it more that 'The Last Jew' though I know I'll be reading both again, as well as the rest of the series.

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