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by Linda Taylor

The first time I read this book I was twelve I think, which is almost a decade ago, so I doubt I am the most reliable reviewer. It was also a Bulgarian translation so some things might have been different. But either way, as my first chick-lit experience, I have nothing but fond memories of this book and have re-read it multiple times over the years. Of course, it has been a while since I've gone back to it, but still, the writing (in the translation) was consistent and light which made for a quick and easy read during those stifling reading slumps.

The story of how I managed to get my hands on a romance novel, when raised strictly on mystery, fantasy, and sci-fi by my book-loving parents is simple. My grandmother, who is a huge fan of romance novels, came to visit us in the States and left the book behind. My mother added it to our library with absolute disdain, which made me curious. And so I sat down and read it.

At the time, I hadn't read any story which was solely centered on romance, so this was new and interesting and real. Even though I was only twelve, I related to Ella's situation because of how lost she felt and because she never really got close to anyone as much as she wanted to. So yes, I found the characters all realistic and relatable. The plot too, was not overly convoluted and the cheesiness was at a minimum. And even though it might seem silly because I was only a child, I stand by that opinion.

I wonder though, if the translation was more polished than the original, because from the other reviews, I can tell people were not impressed with this book. I wonder too, whether it was because it was my first romance novel that I think so highly of it. Maybe if I read it again I will think differently, but for now I am a definite fan of the book.

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