by Maureen Lee

Tredgarrick Bay, 1980.

School has closed and the long summer break has begun. For lifelong friends Norah and Daisy, it’s a turning point in their lives, the last holiday they will spend together. Daisy is finishing school and getting married before the new term start; Norah is returning to take A levels. So, the next few weeks are going to be a very special time.

But they reckoned without the strange, charismatic young man, Jack Hannay, who has come to live in the local boatyard. Instead of visiting all the places they had planned, the girls fall under the dark spell of Jack Hannay, along with the beautiful Amanda Pilgrim who wants to be an actress when she grows up.

Sadly, the holiday comes to an end, but Daisy refuses to accept it is over. She insists on one last visit to Jack’s boat when something so horrific happens that it changes the three girls’ lives in an ugly, brutal way.

Sixteen years later, all three in their own different ways are still suffering from the effects of that night. But there are matters yet to be resolved, mysteries to solve, dragons to slay, and lives to return to normal. Will all the women manage to cope with the future?

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