PDF The Heart of a Villain.: PDF

by Wulf Francu Godgluck

Since two years ago, when Zackery Grant came to study at Menic City, he has always felt the shadows watching him. On a night he is almost raped the shadow steps out to save him.

But his savior might just be Zack's own end.

For the shadow is Darkor, the cold black that evil fears. The unkind vengeance of those who has never found their righteousness. The child that is now a monster, for he never knew love. The hero labeled a villain because he cannot stop till he hear the bones crack and feel the life seep from those who stole the innocence of a child, killed a mother, murdered a father, or slathered a family.

Darkor is not capable to loveā€¦ or is he?

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PDF The Heart of a Villain.

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