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by Jill Hathaway

Imagine the kids from The Breakfast Club held hostage during a school shooting.

Margie Nagle is counting the minutes until lunch when two masked gunmen burst into her classroom and murder her drama teacher.

After tying up Margie’s classmates, the shooters whip out a video camera to stream the carnage online. They also have a mysterious journal and a bloody ax to grind. One of the killers whips off his mask, and Margie realizes it’s Jeremy, her childhood friend whose sister killed herself after a compromising video was leaked on the internet. He wants to know who’s responsible, and he won’t stop until he has revenge.

As the events of the drunken cast party that spawned the video are unraveled, the kids—shooters and hostages alike—learn that they have more in common than they thought. Only a few will survive the massacre, but those who do will be changed forever.

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