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by Stanley B. Lippman

The blurb says it all.I can't recommend this book highly enough for anyone who wants to understand how the various abstractions of the C++ language are translated to lower level code.Even if you're not planning on writing blistering fast C++ code, having a confident grasp of what your code does, and how it does it, will invariably help avoid making mistakes and write stronger code.

My only hesitation regarding this book is that I came at it 'from below', as it were - as an assembly programmer wanting to know what the compiler does with my "high-level" C++ code.While I'm sure it will be beneficial to those coming from the other side, who don't understand code at the next level down, I'm not sure they'll get as much benefit from it as I did.

Not a 'fun' read but enormously helpful for anyone who writes C++ code.

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