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by John Lawrence Reynolds

Loved it!Great book!I learned so much!

Here's what I learned about building a fortress around my money:

I actually have the rarest-of-rare breeds of pension plans:the defined benefit pension plan.

I learned about MERs and that Canada has the highest management fee ratios in the world - that less than 1% is low and good and over 3% is very high - so pay attention to all the MERs in my portfolio.

* Never place more than 10% of my money in any single company or industry.

* Don't invest in anything that I don't understand.

* If I'm having second thoughts about any investment, dump it.

* Two things to watch: the MER and other expenses associated with under-performing mutual funds; and the lack of reasonable growth potential from locking my money into low-paying bonds, GICs or savings accounts on a long term basis

* Don't fall in love with any of my investments

* Don't keep multiple RRSP accounts

* Don't try to time the markets

* Don't avoid my homework - know what I'm buying, for bonds: know the maturity date and yield, for company shares: read the annual report (what do they do, how long have they been doing it, how much money to they claim to make) and don't trust the internet solely for this info

* Don't chase success

* Understand risk - assume it is there and don't ignore both the danger and the opportunity it represents

Crystallize my gains: moving equity gains to the fixed-income part of my portfolio

Consider investing in Cdn banks like TD, Scotiabank and RBC.

Consider the looming possibility of inflation.

Avoid long-term bonds.

Buy real return bonds (RRBs) inside my RRSP

Buy strip bonds and laddered GICS - for 40% of my portfolio

Buy ETFs: broadly based composite index, like S&P/TSX composite - for 80% of my equities

For the other 20% of my equities: buy dividend-paying shares of blue chip domestic companies (banks/finance, utilities, health care, and cash-rich consumer staples

Blueprint for creating my portfolio:

5% cash

20% strip bonds & laddered GICs

20% real return bonds (RRBs)

30% indexed ETFs (20% Cdn & 10% international)

25% domestic blue chip company shares

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