PDF Magical Parent-Magical Child, the Optimum Learning Relationship: PDF

by Michael Mendizza

Magical Parent: Magical Child helps adults rediscover the playful, childlike genius of their own nature as they guide, learn from and mentor children. Discovering and exploring this fresh creative energy transforms the adult, which results in radically different learning environments for children. Changing the adult changes the environment we call childhood, which transforms the child. When children mirror this new creative energy it cycles back and transforms the adult. We call this playful, reciprocal dynamic, the Optimum Learning Relationship.

Our goal is to redefine the adult-child relationship as a transformative practice as demanding and powerful as found in any monastery, martial art or athletic training camp. We optimize the adult-child interface by applying to parenting and to education the proven strategies that allow top athletes and other performance specialists to respond to ever changing and challenging environments with grace, peak performance and true intelligence. The results, we believe, are radically different human beings, and therefore a different culture than we see today. Joseph Chilton Pearce and Michael Mendizza believe that this work is truly revolutionary, unique and exactly right for today's parents, families, coaches and educators.

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PDF Magical Parent-Magical Child, the Optimum Learning Relationship

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