PDF The New Guy (Darkness Rising, #1.5): PDF

by Kelley Armstrong

Maya's first encounter with Rafe.

All I can say is Maya is a badass. I love her snark and internal dialogue.


“Uh-huh.” That was Nicole. I glanced at her. Now she was the one staring at him, and when he turned that smile on her, only for a split-second, I thought she was going to swoon. I wanted to elbow her and say, “If you’re falling for this bullshit, I need to get you into the city more often. Hone your player-radar.”

When his gaze settled on me—all over me—I didn’t bask in it. I wanted to clutch my books to my chest and get out from under that gaze. It wasn’t that I was embarrassed—it just pissed me off. He was looking at me like I was a T-bone steak and he was starving, and he wasn’t making any effort to hide it. That was not flattering.

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PDF The New Guy (Darkness Rising, #1.5)

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