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by Toni Tuso Faber

I absolutely adore this charming children's book! Let me start out by saying that I am constantly on the look out for books to read with my two young cousins when they come over to visit - they are both animal lovers, so I thought that they might enjoy 'The Poodle Tales' series (so I was just thrilled when I won a copy of 'The Skateboarding Poodle' as a First Reads book on Goodreads!).I was concerned that starting with book 5 would cause the reader to be a little lost, but I found that it was enjoyable to read as a stand alone book and it seemed to have an independent storyline.I just love the concept of the series of books that feature poodles, and their many adventures as the focal point.

So what can I say about 'The Skateboarding Poodle'—firstly, I like that the story moves along nicely, and that every pair of lines ends in a rhyme (it just makes the words flow nicely when reading aloud!).The story in this particular installment was quite fun, and as an aside, I liked reading on the back cover that it was inspired by a real life "Skateboarding Poo" that was spotted on the boardwalk by the author!I really liked that end was tied nicely together, with a valuable moral for young readers - which is basically "try, try, try again, and never give up until you succeed!".I also think that the illustrations were all very well done - the colors were vibrant and the pictures were enjoyable.I personally can't wait to read this book with my young cousins when they come to visit, and I'm going to place it on top of the pile of books that I have waiting.Bravo on a job well done with 'The Skateboarding Poodle'.I'll be keeping an eye out for other installments of 'The Poodle Tales'.

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