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by Jordan Krall

"Keith watched a version of himself being dissected, the body parts being used along with those of Lincoln and Booth in order to make some sort of mechanized assassin-victim hybrid. It would spend eternity annihilating itself, finding new ways to explode, puncture and penetrate its own body parts." Moonshine smuggling in New Jersey unleashes a Civil War hangover of squid parts, car crashes, stove pipe hats, urethral insertion fetishism, and a hankering for pancakes. King Scratch, a nightmare from the mind that birthed Piecemeal June and Fistful of Feet. "With King Scratch Jordan Krall has delivered a unique and twisted tale that brilliantly exudes the limitless imagination of the author and, in my opinion, elevates Krall to the upper echelon of the Bizarro lit scene." Kevin Woods, director of Bath, Survival, and Wise Guys VS Zombies "Krall has quite a flair for outrage as an art form." Edward Lee, author of The Big Head, Goon and Brides of the Impaler

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