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by Matthew Chase Stroud

Michael Corbin is awoken by the sound of his own screaming most nights—the thoughts of his past torturing him without relent. Adding to his tensions, his mother has just passed and he cannot remember the last time he communicated with either of his brothers. Of his own conviction, he has closed himself off from his family, his ambitions, and the world—and his sanity is beginning to slip with little help from the staff at Stonebrook Hospital.
Fearful of Michael's debilitation, Carson Corbin, a man with an adventurous soul but prodigal personality, has taken to the road to fight the dread brought on by the mother's death. His only salvation comes from his relationship with Valencia Mott, a small town journalist with similar qualities.
Meanwhile, their brother, Christopher, travels down the Amazon River with the matriarch's ashes. As he gets deeper into the foreign countryside, he witnesses atrocities indicative of the land itself, as well as the damage suffered from foreign influence. His journey leads him past abandoned villages, a dishonorable Montana oilman, and a tribe of orphaned natives wary of his intentions. Together, the three brothers work through their emotional deficiencies to prove that loss does not irreversibly wound the human spirit.

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