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by Lisa von Biela

THE GENESIS CODE, the mind-blowing techno-thriller debut novel from Lisa von Biela.

Obedience and submission…uploaded directly to the brain…

When Mark Weston is hired by OneMarket, the prestigious and premier supplier of global equity trading systems, owned by international business tycoon Simon Harris, he thinks he’s found his dream job. Great pay, amazing benefits—and sure, the hours are long and the demands on his time are often extreme—but it means financial security for him and his wife Sheila, a new life and a new beginning, a fast track to success with a great company.

But deep within the walls of the enigmatic OneMarket, there is something unthinkable happening that only a select few are aware of, the development of a new kind of invasive technology dubbed THE GENESIS CODE, that could not only expand Simon Harris’ empire, but create a new, more efficient and obedient workforce. Mark and his coworkers have unknowingly become part of a horrifying experiment they may never be able to escape, and time is running out.

A new kind of worker…a new kind of hybrid…a new kind of corporate slave…

THE GENESIS CODE…Upload complete.

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