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by Judi McCoy

Ms.McCoy just recently passed away.I am sad to say that I am not aware if I've ever read anything written by her til now.I liked the premise behind this story, one in a series of books about couples being brought together by angels, just like the title suggests.I'm not exactly sure where this book lies in the proper order of the books, but the blurb was one which caught my fancy, so I picked it up.

Take one straight laced and prim school principal and put her in a hot, tight, red dress.Then put her up for auction at a bachelor's auction ti help raise money for her school.This is Honoria.Then you've got the handsome, mega wealthy, and suave guy who can't believe he's just offered $20,00o on Honoria.And also somehow agreed to a bet in which he beds her in the week they're away or has to give a $120,000 donation to Honoria's school.This is Alex.They're two unlikely souls who are meant for each other but don't know it.It's Junior's responsibility to get the two together in 9 days so he can get his "wings" and become a full time guardian angel.Does Junior get his wings? Does Alex win the bet?Will Honoria loosen up and live a little?Read the book to find out!

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