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by Fons Trompenaars

The authors of the international bestseller "Riding the Waves of Culture" broaden their focus to help you employ the diversity in your organization to foster innovation.

Companies that successfully harness employees' creativity and convert it to business innovation are leading the charge today. While this isn't a brand-new concept, no one has explained how connections between people initially remote from each other generate innovation—until now. "Riding the Waves of Innovation" fills the void.

The key is for leaders and managers like you to carefully address and make the most of the three entities that are most vital to your business's approach to driving innovation throughout your global culture: The individuals who compose your team.
"Are you encouraging them to champion innovation and bring it to fruition?" You'll learn how such methodologies as the Myers- Briggs Type Indicator and Kolb's Learning Style Inventory can be developed to avoid stereotyping your people and build effective teams. Your teams.
"Are you encouraging them to innovate?"
Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner teach you to define the role best suited for each team member; reconcile any differences between, or amongst, them; and ensure that their work together is optimized. Your organization.
"Does it maintain a global culture of innovation?" The authors' in-depth research, playfully illustrated via inventive graphs and business-world anecdotes, will teach you to ensure that adaptability, shared goals and values, reliability, and commitment are all universally acknowledged and embraced aspects of your business's corporate culture.

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PDF Riding the Waves of Innovation

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