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by Bertrand R. Brinley

Almost unknown; but one of the most hilarious and memorable laugh-out-loud books you could ask for. A gem. Its never mentioned; never recommended. Perhaps it bewilders people. Maybe they're shocked. Perhaps parents realize that we can't go back to thinking about kids this way.

I have a GR list of 'good kids books' and yeah, there are plenty of books for *small* children represented there—however, this is a book for the age in-between smallness and adulthood—and its a standout. There need to be a LOT MORE books like this which help define that interval. Its the age when you create a few CATASTROPHES; the age where you learn how to make a mess and how you clean it up afterwards. And have a blast doing so.

What've we got these days? We don't let kids have secret clubs; codewords; mysterious friends. They're not allowed to have 'shenanigans'. We're rule-mongerers and control freaks. If you let kids do whatever they want these days, why, they might wreck your $4,000 flatscreen tv right? They might ruin your Wii?

Adults are stuffy and uptight these days, just like the townspeople in these stories. When kids want to go a little nuts? First, we monitor their diet and then maybe—maybe—if they're not having 'an episode'—we take them to Chuck E. Cheese (bins of plastic colored balls) or we set them down in from of a computer. Its all sosafe, bland, sterile, and antiseptic. Condescending.

Today we've got books written by committees and programs overseen by psychologists and task forces. Prescribed activity: soccer, swim class, softball, karate, e-readers, dance, gymnastics, blah blah blah.

No one gives kids any ideas on just what is possible ...if they were turned loose... to do whatever they want. To be who they are. That's what this book is about. Wildness. Unpredictability.

Just one example: in one of the adventures undertaken by the Mad Scientists, they build their own hot-air balloon and enter it in the town's annual home-made hot-air balloon race. With no adult supervision. They're engaged in a running battle with their arch-foes and firing potatoes and slingshots back-and-forth in mid-air; manage to send the enemy balloon into the lake. Can you stand it? I can't friggin' stand it, can you?

America is no longer the land of fun. This book reminds you of how things could be; if we weren't all scared out of our wits by molesters and semi-automatic weapons and drugs and porn and goth and computers and homeland security. This book reminds us that children used to be perfectly capable of taking care of themselves if allowed to.

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PDF The Mad Scientists' Club (Mad Scientists' Club, #1)

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