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by Tom MacDonald

"It is 2010, and twelve-year-old English naturalist Marcus Speers is on a wild adventure, in search of himself and his destiny.

His father, son of an English timber tycoon, has been away from his family for close to five years and has gone to great lengths so that his family can live with him in the West Brazilian Amazon. As Marcus, his mother, and his sister leave a leisurely life in Great Britain and board a helicopter bound for the remote jungle, Marcus is the only one who is excited. To a boy who dreams of being a crocodile hunter, the jungle is a potpourri of fascinating scientific exploration. His mother and sister on the other hand are not thrilled with their new home—a gigantic treehouse—twenty-five thousand miles from the real world. As Marcus begins his new adventure with all the exuberance of a scientist, he accidentally discovers an ancient Incan ruin and uncovers a centuries-old secret. Suddenly, Marcus finds himself in the midst of a war— and he’s fighting against his own father.

In this timeless tale of man against nature, Marcus battles alongside some unlikely allies in a heroic attempt to save the rainforest from certain destruction."

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