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by Melissa J. Morgan

I really love Melissa Morgan's books and this one is really good. throughout the whole book suspense kills you. like in one part Brynn has to go and dance with a guy in a mask. while I'm reading it the suspense kills me because I have no idea who it is. then the dude takes the mask off and its Brynn's boyfriend. then in other parts of the story you get disappointed. for example when all the camp girls realize that the trip tori planned is the same week as reunion so now all the girls wont see each other until summer. the worst part is, it is winter so the girls have to wait about 5 months until they see each other again.one thing that really eratates me about the book I get o a really good part and what happens, they go to a diifferent girl in the story. oh the most eratating thing is when I think what is going to happen next but everyone in the story keeps talking for like a year it feels like then they get to the part I was waiting to see happen. my favorite part about this particular book is that every comes together in the end. the reason I say that is because all the camp lake view girls were in an argument .in the end every thing works out, they make up, and are best friends again. my favorite character is tori. tori is the host of the Tahoe trip. if I were her I would act the same way she would. when she found out that the trip was the same weekend as reunion I would feel very bad. just like her I would try to make those four girls have the best time of there life. at the beginning of the book my least favorite character is Jordan. he is the on who dates brynn. when he didn't come to brynn's recital that eratated me so much. later in the story when I learned why he wasn't there it made since. then before that he made a romatic surprise for brynn. that was so sweet.

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