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by Taz Tally

You're no stranger to Photoshop. But sometimes, it certainly would simplify your life if you had a step-by-step recipe for fixing this problem or creating that effect. And wouldn't it be nice if you could see the expected result? Open this book and that's what you'll find. From basic enhancements like sharpening contrast and tweaking lighting to radical makeovers that change backgrounds or add elements, you simply pick your project, follow the directions, and watch blah "befores" become amazing "afters"!The cream of the makeovers crop, including: Dimensional makeovers, such as adding image area, altering dimensions, or creating a panorama.Exposure enhancements—bringing subjects out of shadow or adjusting contrast.Color corrections using highlights, adjusting color object by object, or matching color across images.Controlling composition by desaturating, removing distracting objects, and creating a focal point.Mode makeovers—interchanging black-and-white, color, grayscale, and transparency.Repurposing images from digital to print or print to the Web.A companion Web site with bonus makeover chapters, images from most of the projects in the book, and more.

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