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by Uma Krishnaswami

This is a great little book that works on multiple levels.The story itself follows a young girl who is nervous about being a tree in her school's performance of "Little Red Ridinghood" (and, oh, by the way, it is a "new and improved" version of the fairytale so there are some twists like the woodcutter becoming a recycled paper salesman—haha, love it!) The little girl is a bit clumsy and she is afraid she will trip on stage.Her parents are very encouraging and a family friend suggests that the little girl try yoga.Through yoga, the little girl learns better control not only of her body, but of her mind and emotions.So she is ready to face the performance and be a strong tree, even if everything doesn't go quite as planned.

I really love that the book shares the benefits of yoga for children. Yoga is clearly gaining popularity here in the West, but it's almost an exclusively adult-marketed activity (at least, what I've seen).But there is really no reason children shouldn't be given the opportunity to learn the benefits of breathing, of gaining calmness over one's mind and emotions, and also the physical benefits of yoga.Adults aren't the only ones who face stressful situations!

The book could also work well for children facing stage fright.But, they might want to learn yoga as a way to cope, so be ready for that!There are some explanations of the poses in the back of the book, but if you aren't experienced in yoga a little bit first, it will probably be rather difficult to try to teach them to young ones.

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