PDF Examination of Musculoskeletal Injuries 3rd Edition: PDF

by Sandra Shultz

Interactive Spine, Clinical Edition, features detailed computer graphic models of the entire vertebral column & spinal cord. This visual tool is essential in the explanations & treatments for spinal injuries. It features complete views of the entire spine as a whole & specific areas, including cervical, thoracic, lumbar, & sacral regions. With an updated interface that is more user-friendly & intuitive & allows the images to be viewed much larger, the 2009 release is the ultimate educational tool for those requiring an understanding of spine structure & function.Using this DVD-ROM as a visual aid will assist anyone in learning the fine points of the human spine. The software will allow you to do the following:Understand & explain injuries, conditions, & treatments more effectively.Save time looking for images for presentations or patient education handouts with hundreds of stunning images & detailed information at your fingertips.Export images & video clips with ease.Each model of the spine is fully interactive, allowing 360-degree rotation, the ability to add & remove layers of anatomy from skin to bone, & the option to label any item. Models can be viewed from numerous perspectives. Clicking on specific structures displays the related text & links to additional images, video clips, labeled dissections, & numerous diagrams & annotated illustrations. Users will also find unique sections in this software. A biomechanics section includes text & animations of the alar ligament & coupled motion to provide a be

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PDF Examination of Musculoskeletal Injuries 3rd Edition

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