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by S.J. West

4.0. To me, this duology was still not as good as the first two trilogies, but at least Devoted was much better than Timeless. Where that book fell short, this one had equal amounts passion and action (the fighting kind) … my favorite combination.

Caylin and Lilly visit Heaven and find out Caylin’s purpose in the battle against Lucifer and his men. She also finds out what her future holds for her and Aiden, and we get a hint of what’s to come for Malcolm.

Caylin was much more tolerable in this one. She was stronger and less whiney. I guess that’s what a good kissin’ will do to a girl. Speaking of which, Aiden was a lot more passionate this time around.
It was interesting to see he handled his fear of slipping back into his old ways.

I have to say that I am really starting to like Malcolm. In Devoted, we learn more about his unrequited love for Lilly and his loneliness, and we find out that he is more vulnerable than we thought. Can’t wait to read about his future and that of Caylin’s descendent, Anna.

Oddly, my favorite character in this book may have been Mae, Brand and Lilly’s youngest daughter. Always trying to follow Malcolm’s phase trail, she runs into quite an interesting situation … one that will hopefully have its own book.

There were several spelling/punctuation/grammatical errors. Lots of homophones (an example of one is they’re instead of their), possessives without apostrophes, and plurals with apostrophes. They could be distracting at times.

The Bottom Line:
While Caylin and Aiden really never had too many obstacles to overcome, the book gives a little closure to Caylin’s story. There’s not really a solid ending; West said that will be in another book from Aiden’s perspective, so that should be interesting. I’m doubting it will be as interesting as Malcolm, but I guess we’ll see.

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