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by David G. Kleinbaum

ActivEpi is a complete multimedia presentation on CD-ROM of the material commonly found in an introductory epidemiology course. It mixes a full array of media to motivate, explain, visualize, and apply epidemiologic concepts. It uses: A Video to instill real-world motivation for learning and applying epidemiologic concepts A Narrated expositions to teach the concepts using high-quality audio synchronized with text, pictures and animations A Quizzes to provide self-evaluation of basic terms and concepts A Data Desk to provide practice applying the methods learned to real data A Navigational tools such as a dynamic table of contents, index and glossary, to allow easy-to-use methods for working through the content A Web links to augment the material on the CD with complementary content authored by others ActivEpi includes 15 lessons and over 50 hours of content via more than 250 launchable activities and homework exercises. It can be used in a variety of teaching formats: distance learning, self-paced learning, on-campus courses, and short courses. For the latest additions to ActivEpi, visit David KleinbaumAs website: http: //www.sph.emory.edu/~dkleinb/activepi.htm. For technical assistance, contact Data Description at support@datadesk.com

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