by Francesca Annis

Of Course I read the book first written by Frank Herbert.Loved it.When watching the movie without trying to do what most people do and stand the book and the movie against each other- (they never match) I enjoyed the movie.The characters are certainly costumed and act like 1984 when it came out.The special effects were awesome for the time.I wanted to see the movie not just because I liked the book but because the cast had some of my faves!Jurgen Prochnow, Jose Ferrer and Patrick Stewart just to name a few.I think of course that the movie could have been fleshed out more but with a movie based on an epic sci fi masterpiece what can you expect.Star Wars was pretty epic but it took several films.Dune could have been done better with a trilogy ala Lord of the Rings.However I didnt enjoy the mini series as much but that was most likely because I wasnt as invested in it after the previous movie.Over all as a stand alone this movie rocks.Of course if you are looking for it to match up evenly with the book forget it.Frank Herbert created a fantastic masterpiece of political, ecological and evolutionary wonder.The transitions from a world of richness to one that is desert - the poltical intrigues that sadly did not get as much attention carry the movie.Worth watching- again nothing IMO is ever as good as the book.

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