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by Michael Coleman

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This was an excellent book. I was a bit dubious about reading it as I haven’t read the first two books; however as a stand alone for me it was well written with plenty of information that I would have found in the first two books.

The characters were very clear from the start, the quest was very easy – get to Hide-Park. They did this within the first two chapters but then there was a great plot written for Hide-Park.

The bears were very clearly thought out and it was very easy to picture them. I fell in love with the young cub Filia as she was so caring towards the humans unlike the other bears and it was her quest to save the humans as they had saved her.

It brought me to tears at the end but this one did despite the fact I haven’t read the first two. The ending was very heart warming and I was touched by the love and care that the author has put into his characters.
The setting was very clear, so clear I had a dream about the story after finishing reading the book.

The story was alternative reality. However it was also greatly fantasy with the bears speaking ‘human’. I am glad I have had the privilege to read this book.

I would give The Hunting Forest 5/5

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