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by Drew Brown

For Budd Ashby, the last day before the end of the world went rather well. He scored a stay in London's most expensive hotel, and spent the night with Juliette, a beautiful French pop star. By the following dawn, however, things are very different. Almost everyone is dead. The power is out and the airwaves are empty. Isolated inside the hotel, the few survivors discover that the rest of London is much the same. And things only get worse. A dense fog descends from the sky, plunging the city streets into darkness. Then, the innumerable-dead return to life, the walking corpses hungry for living flesh. To Budd and Juliette, staying alive seems an impossible task. Only one man knows that mere survival will not be enough. The zombies are simply the beginning, and the real terror is still to come. But, as desperate as it seems, he believes there is a chance to save the world. And whether Budd likes it or not, he is the key. He is mankind's last hope

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