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by Frank Bird Linderman

Frank Bird Linderman was a popular, prolific, early-twentieth-century recorder of Indian life and culture on the Northern Plains. Linderman lived among the Indians — studying, loving, and grieving for a people whose way of life was under siege. During his study and immersion, Linderman developed a deep admiration for Frozen Water, a spiritual leader who devoted his life to saving the Gros Ventres from an unenviable fate. Wolf and the Winds is Linderman's fictionalized account of Frozen Water's lonely life of valor and sacrifice.

Alternately embraced and outcast by his people, Frozen Water became a hero for stealing horses from the Blackfeet, was cursed for killing a Flathead Indian during negotiations between the U.S. government and the Six Nations, and was blamed afterward for the affliction of smallpox that decimated the Gros Ventres in the nineteenth century. A century later, he lives on under two guises: in a portrait painted by Charles Russell, and in Wolf and the Winds, Linderman's elegy for the fate of the Gros Ventres as embodied in the life of one man.

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