PDF Captured (Going to the Dogs, #4.5): PDF

by Zoe Dawson

Release coming in Fall 2014

A companion novella to Collared, Going to the Dogs, #4. Your reading enjoyment would be enhanced if you've already read Collared.

Harper and Caleb are getting married and for the most part nothing has really changed for Harper. She’s still uber rich, her life filled with charities and smoozing. But instead of loneliness and protective walls, she’s opened her heart to the best and most wonderful thing that has happened to her—gorgeous and tough, Detective Caleb Shaw.

But Caleb’s once normal, blue collar life has been significantly changed. With Harper’s money taking care of everything, what is there for him to provide her? Especially when he hears it bantered around that he’s a “kept” man. Harper dismisses that kind of talk as nonsense and urges Caleb to not worry about it. But even as he tries to grow a thick skin, his pride causes rifts. Will Caleb let Harper’s wealth destroy the deep and abiding love they found?

Will their marriage end before it even begins?

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PDF Captured (Going to the Dogs, #4.5)

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