PDF Strange Beasts and Unnatural Monsters: PDF

by Philip Van Doren Stern


From the moment you open this book you will have stumbled into a strange, hideous region of monsters and misshapen creatures that will leave you spellbound—prey to their crawling terrors. Not all of these demons have been spawned by powers outside you. Some of them may already be within you...clawing and shrieking in the terrible silence of that dark portion of your own unknown, unknowable self.

"This thing, this invader, this horror was supporting his arms, legs, and head!"

"There was some creature there...which could see in the dark...Had it caught the scent of me?"

"The Black Mantle...groped greedily and endlessly through the mud, eating and never sleeping, never resting."

"Here was this extinct animal mooning about my island...and I had hatched him!"

"With each dive, with each attack, they became bolder. And they had no thought of themselves."

"I have heard the squealing of pigs at slaughtering time...This was not that sort of noise. It was worse, much worse."


The nature of the evidence, by M. Sinclair.
Slime, by J.P. Brennan.
The garden of Paris, by E. Williams.
Doomsday deferred, by W.F. Jenkins.
The cocoon, by J.B.L. Goodwin.
Æpyornis Island, by H.G. Wells.
The terror of Blue John Gap, by A.C. Doyle.
The birds, by D. du Maurier.
The judge's house, by B. Stoker.
The kill, by P. Fleming.
Mrs. Amworth, by E.F. Benson.
Skeleton, by R. Bradbury.
The elephant man, by Sir F. Treves.

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