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by Hazel Smith

As a contributor on talk radio and a writer for Country Weekly magazine, Hazel Smith is one of Country Music's most beloved personalities. She was presented with one of the most prestigious journalism honors, the 1999 Media Achievement Award by Cma, but more importantly, she is a dear Friend to many of Country Music's biggest stars and brightest talents.

Hazel's news of the stars comes from their bridal showers, dinner parties, and from babysitting their children. It comes from the personal tragedies and joyous Celebrations she shares (and sometimes Predicts).

For over 3 decades, Hazel has cooked it up and served us delicious morsels to Satisfy our Hunger to be closer to folks that we call celebrities and she calls friends. Now she brings them into our kitchen and shares her special style of Nashville Southern hospitality. From her heart, the heart of the home, and the heart of country music we give you: Hagel's Hot Dish.

It was with much insistence from her fans and friends that she wrote this unique Stroybook/Cookbook. She has conceived and created it as a Labor OF Love with you, for you, and for them.

Enjoy her stories and memories that will Make You Laugh or shake your head with wonder. Hazel's cookbook serves up your favorite artists of all time, from the past and for the future. You will find Treasured Information about them as well as never before told Stories, Jokes, and lits of Inspiration.

This cookbook is a piece of history and a look into the future. You will Feel the struggles and successes that took place in Nashville as you see the places stars were discovered.

You'll practically Hear the music playing as you read the book's title and copy illustrating the letters, images and unmistakable look of "Hatch Show Print," that has promoted the art and culture of the American South for over 120 years of glorious music.

Every recipe has been tested and enjoyed for your satisfaction. They have truly come from the stars and their families or friends as favorites or even heirlooms, giving you a glimpse into what they keep in their refrigerators. And they are Delicious. Enjoy every Word and Every Bite!

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