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by Jerome Chodorov

Ruth and Eileen, two sisters from Ohio, move to New York in search of fame and fortune. Witty Ruth aspires to be a published writer, while the beautiful Eileen dreams of success as an actress. Their financial circumstances force them to rent a dingy basement studio apartment in a Greenwich Village building owned by the wily and self-absorbed Mr. Appolpolous, the first of many colorful characters who cross their path. Leaks in the ceiling, a "nauseating" kitchen, hard beds, and constant explosions from nearby subway construction turn out to be the least of the girls' worries; the lock on the back door is broken, and all manner of people walk in. Visitors include a wannabe wrestler, a prudish cop, a burlesque dancer, a posse of Brazilian admirals-in-training, and a plethora of unwanted suitors for Eileen. The girls struggle to find a foothold on their dreams amid the hilarious chaos and mayhem that seems destined to reign over their house.

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