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by Toronto Public Library

"The ultimate cure for today's homework woes."

The panic and doubt that comes with the assignment of a research project is no different today than it was decades ago. The advent of cyberspace, however, means that access to information today is greater and quicker than ever before, and that the way research is done has changed forever. How can students find their way through this information overload?

Research Ate My Brain is here to help. Written in a breezy, humorous style, this handy handbook shows students how to master the vast and complex resources that are available. Each chapter breaks the research process down into bite-sized pieces: how to access invaluable library materials (books, journals, newspapers, databases, audio and video); secrets to successful surfing online; how to identify and source reliable research sites; best bets for fact gathering; and most importantly, evaluating and organizing all that information.

Sidebars offer insights on everything from how to chat with an electronic librarian to finding obscure centers of dependable information around the globe. A slew of timesaver tips promote efficiency and maximize results.

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