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by Billy Wong

Full disclosure at the outset: I got my copy of this short e-story in a free give-away for Amazon Kindle (I have the PC app).Billy and I are both members of the Action Heroine Fans group here on Goodreads, so we share an appreciation for the butt-kicking ladies of fiction.Since I knew him to be a prolific author in this vein, I've been curious about his work; and when he mentioned this giveaway (which I believe is now expired) in the group, I snatched up the opportunity to check it out.Obviously, my interest was rewarded!Hopefully, I'll be reading more by Billy Wong (though I believe he tends to write mostly in e-book format, and I generally prefer to read novels in print form).

This is a simple, direct, fast-paced tale, probably comparable in style and substance to the boxing stories that were a staple of some of the old pulps —except that in that era, both in life and in fiction, a female would never have been allowed to be a contender.I'm not at all familiar with the setting of modern-day mixed martial arts competitions, in which two opponents fight in fairly free-style combats, which can be open-weight and apparently sometimes mixed gender; the closest parallel is probably professional wrestling (which I used to follow in my high school days, before I realized it was faked), but here the contests are clearly not fixed, and we're dealing with an actual combat sport, not an exercise in bizarre theatrics.The author, though, is clearly very familiar with this milieu, and brings it to vivid life.His style is spare, and wastes no time or words; it's commendably clean, free of profanity or sexual innuendo, and his slam-bang action scenes are realistic and gripping.(This is NOT a sport I'd encourage anybody, male or female, to pursue in real life; the amount of blows participants have to take to the head, as in boxing, would eventually be certain to cause brain damage.)But the real strength of the story is the interaction (that is, besides hitting and kicking each other!) between the two main characters; and the story packs a great message, without being in the least preachy.Who wins the fight?Well, you'll just have to read the tale to find out; there are no spoilers here! :-)

A word would probably be in order about my five-star rating.I rate short stories on their own terms, which are different from those of novels.A couple of other Goodreads reviewers, who gave it four stars, mentioned that they'd have liked it to be longer, with more development of and exposure to these characters.I'd like to have had more along that line as well!But while that could be done in a novel, the scope of a short story requires much more paring-down of the narrative; it has to have everything cleared away that doesn't contribute to a single unified plot line and emotional effect.Billy achieves that paring and honing of the narrative very well; this yarn is crafted to do exactly what he wants it to do, as concisely as possible.In other words, it's a polished jewel, a fine example of its form.That doesn't mean that, as a five star short story, it will entertain in the same way as a five star novel; if we use the rating to compare it to Pride and Prejudice or Ivanhoe, we're comparing apples and oranges!

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