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by Sergei Bulgakov

Sergius Bulgakov is thought by many to be the twentieth century's foremost Russian Orthodox theologian. The Bride of the Lamb is widely regarded as Bulgakov's magnum opus and, even more, as one of the greatest works ever produced in the modern Orthodox church. This book is now available in English thanks to esteemed translator Boris Jakim, along with an introduction to Bulgakov and his theological context. For readers new to Russian religious thought, The Bride of the Lamb presents a fresh approach to Christian doctrine. Bulgakov examines issues of ecclesiology and eschatology from a sophiological perspective. This distinctive Russian approach, based on the doctrine of Sophia, the wisdom of God, sees the Creator and creation intimately linked as Divine-humanity. The Bride of the Lamb explores the nature of created beings, the relationship between God and the world, the role of the church, and such eschatological themes as the second coming of Jesus, resurrection and judgment, and the afterlife.

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