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by D.M. Armstrong

David Malet Armstrong has the ability to write with extreme clarity and I therefore really enjoyed reading this bundle of essays. I do also sympathize with many points he makes (his materialism and naturalism) in these works, but on the other hand I think he is too radical in some of them (his vision on colours, for example).

This works serves good an either an introduction to his views or an add-on to his basic works (
A Materialist Theory of the Mind; Belief, Truth and Knowledge; ...) because he skips many points or treat them just superficial.

Though the title may suggest otherwise, this bundle reach beyond the mere mind-body problem and touch on some other problems like the nominalism-realism issue, or even an essay with an analysis of the concept of tradition. The last essay also is a (short) attempt to develop an ontology based on his materialism and naturalism.

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