PDF EFT Tapping 101: PDF

by Sandy R. Ross

EFT Tapping is fast becoming known as a powerful way to change a whole range of issues - from phobias to anxiety, grief to addiction, procrastination to anger. The mantra of EFT is "try it on everything", because more often than not it works!

EFT is a simple powerful process is fast to learn and easy to do. But there is an art to the delivery, and it begins with finding the specific events back in your past that still have some of your energy anchored there.

Digging through that past sounds both painful and boring but this ebook takes the pain away!

It leads you through learning EFT and into a deep questioning that will have those past events pouring out of you like you turned on a geyser. Then you can use the EFT Tapping process to quickly ease these events out of your life, allowing room for much more happiness, success, joy and love.

All you need is your Kindle device and a notebook and pen - peace, joy and abundance is as close as your own hands.

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PDF EFT Tapping 101

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