PDF Forbidden Spirits (Dancing Moon Ranch, #10): PDF

by Patricia Watters

Tyler Hansen has two passions: Roman riding his horses as a rodeo special event and learning the source of the voices in Whispering Springs. All his life he's had a curiosity about the human-like sounds in the mountain, and he's determined to learn the source. Rose Starbright, a tribal member who works at the living museum on the ranch, also has two passions: weaving baskets, which she sells in galleries, and documenting and preserving sacred sites, Whispering Springs being one of them. As legend goes, when a person sits immersed in the pool and listens to the voices, that person is cleansed of evil spirits. Tyler has his own theory about the voices and it has to do with trapped geysers, not spirits, so when he starts opening fissures Rose warns him to stop, that silencing the voices could have dire consequences. But Tyler doesn't believe in spirits, only science, so he continues his crusade to find the source. And then one day, the mountain is silent. And that's when Tyler's troubles truly begin.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The books in my Dancing Moon Ranch series are intended to be read in sequence as each book moves forward in time, the series spanning two generations. I invite you to check out my "Dancing Moon Ranch Family Album." In it my 14-book Dancing Moon Ranch Series is illustrated with over 600 full-color photographs depicting the ranch and all the characters in the series, including books not yet released. You'll also see what it was like during the "missing years" in the series, when the children of the characters in Books 1-3 (the heroes and heroines of later books in the series) were growing up on the ranch.

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  • Forbidden Spirits (Dancing Moon Ranch, #10): PDF
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PDF Forbidden Spirits (Dancing Moon Ranch, #10)

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