PDF InuYasha (InuYasha, #7): PDF

by Rumiko Takahashi

If you read the first book you would understand the concept; there are two brothers and one is a full demon and the other one is a half demon.The oldest brother's name is sesshomaru and the youngest son is Inuyasha Their father died protecting the youngest son on the day he was born.The father's name was The Great Dog General.When he died, he left his sons the famous swords that all demons new about,Tesaiuga and Tensaiuga.The youngest son is now grown up andhe falls upon a village which there is a beautiful woman who is the priestess of the village.There's she was trusted to protect the sacred stone.Inuyasha and the priestess get to know each other and fall in love.

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  • InuYasha (InuYasha, #7): PDF
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PDF InuYasha (InuYasha, #7)

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