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by Ursula K. Le Guin

A beautiful book to read to little ones (2 - 6 or so) and is dedicated to the cats of the author and illustrator.It's a gem, the sort that has great pictures that yield new details upon every reading.The ending, like that of all great books for kids this age, deals with the best place for sleep.Of course the parent is the one who'll be affected most by that theme of sleep sleep sleep, rather than the child, but one always hopes.The illustrations are delightful, with the minor caveat that Schindler gets baby bluejays wrong.(They're bigger and have gray heads... or if they're smaller then they're gray all over.)Still, quite forgivable, and the pictures are charming.I love that it's true to the catness of cats.I expect no less from UKL.They definitely aren't humans in catsuits, but are completely natural real life cats.Okay, I've written more text in this review than the book contains, so I'll stop.I like good kid books as well as any grown-up book, though, and this is a good one.

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