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by Jason Cranford Teague

Fast Answers-Whatever You Do, However You WorkJason Cranford Teague and Sybex specially designed "Photoshop 7 at Your Fingertips" to bring to light the capabilities of this complex, powerful program and to show you the best and fastest ways to get your work done. Inside you'll find: A visual reference to the Photoshop interface A complete task-oriented reference to Photoshop, with specific sections for print designers, web designers, and photographers Clear, step-by-step instruction and time-saving tips Multiple techniques for each task, to let you work the way that works for you

Every page of this innovative book is focused on getting you the information you need. Its intuitive task-based organization lets you search for what you want to do. Hundreds of cross-references guide you to related topics, and at-a-glance shortcuts and tips provide options and alternatives. And it's all written by an expert author who shares inside knowledge accumulated over years of intensive Photoshop use. Whatever your field or level of experience, you've found the Photoshop reference you've been waiting for.

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