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by Kim Taylor-Blakemore

WINNER of the WILLA Literary Award for Best Young Adult Fiction

“admirably evokes the dusty, gritty aura of Depression-era Colorado” – Publisher’s Weekly

“With subtlety and insight, Taylor introduces readers to complexities and truths about love and family” – American Library Association

“Taylor nails small-town agrarian Dust Bowl life in the ’30s.” – School Library Journal

On the Depression era Colorado plains, there's nothing but dust and empty farms. It's an unforgiving background to the violence in Cissy Funk's life. She's alone on a scrap of a farm with her mother and brother, and her mother hasn't recovered from the death of Cissy's baby sister. She's turned cold, and mean, and she's turned against Cissy, singling her out, leaving bruises and a breaking heart.

When Cissy's Aunt Vera turns up, with her warm hugs and pretty clothes, it looks like there just might be hope on the horizon after all. Vera is determined to make sure Cissy is safe and loved, despite her sister in law, despite the hard times, despite her own fears.

But these hard times are more than failed crops and no work. There's a trouble in Cissy's family that no one is willing to tell her about, and it's threatening to bring her fragile happiness crashing down. When there's nothing but dirt, dust, and the faintest glimpse of delight, Cissy has to find the strength to grab onto what she can. Her family might not be what she thought it was, but maybe it can be exactly what she needs.

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