PDF Rhubarb Delights Cookbook (Cookbook Delights Series, #15): PDF

by Karen Jean Matsko Hood

Rhubarb is an all-time favorite vegetable that once was used for medicinal purposes, but has always tasted delicious in Mom's homemade pie. In this cookbook, you'll find more than just pie recipes to spark your imagination in cooking with rhubarb. Delicious rhubarb is versatile, nutritious, and always adds a special flair to many dishes, whether used in cakes, pies and breads, in preserves, as a salad ingredient, in wines or brandies, or any number of other imaginative ways. In Rhubarb Delights Cookbook, author Karen Jean Matsko Hood presents her collection of more than 250 exciting rhubarb recipes that will be sure to please everyone. Inside, you will also find some fascinating reading regarding this old-time favorite's history, folklore, cultivation, and much more. With recipes using readily available ingredients, Rhubarb Delights Cookbook will be a valued addition to any chef's bookshelf.

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PDF Rhubarb Delights Cookbook (Cookbook Delights Series, #15)

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