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by Deja King

This novel starts off exactly where The Bitch is Back left us hanging. Precious is kidnapped by the evil sibling duo Pretty Boy Mike & Mya and is tied to a pole in a dark basement trying to think of a way to get out of this mess. Supreme is home with baby Aaliyah distraught that Precious is missing and honestly doesn't seem to be doing his best to find her. Unlike when his daughter was kidnapped, this time he sits back, drinks, and leaves the entire investigation up to the police. Supreme, street smart with a lot of clout doesn't pull any strings, doesn't call in any favors, and doesn't ask one single person in his camp to assist in finding Precious. He seems on top of things when he rushes to the last place Precious was supposed to be the morning she was taken and sees the car she was driving being towed away but his search halts then and there. Needless to say, I was very disappointed in and him and sadly that was only the beginning of my displeasure with his character.

Maya has this master plan to become Precious in every way from her attitude, to her appearance, to making Supreme her husband. Along with that position comes being a mother to baby Aaliyah, since she obviously comes with the territory. Maya isn't too fond of that idea and would rather have the baby killed but soon sees that Aaliyah is the key to Supreme's heart and takes full advantage. Sneaky conniving Maya orchestrated every bit of drama that has gone down since they all moved to Beverly Hills and continues to wreak havoc and arranges the demise of any and everyone standing in the way of her obsession. Maya is without a doubt no Precious Cummings yet she gets away with everything in this novel including scheming her way into Supreme's bed, all the while leaving loose ends . . . so UN-Precious like. One can only hope that she is rightfully brought to her knees.

Precious like a feline must have nine lives and is rescued and nursed back to health by an old friend ;) just in the nick of time. Previously Precious was forced by Maya to write a letter to Supreme stating that she is leaving him and their child. He ignorantly believes it easily, although I demand that he knows his wife better than that. Once she escapes from her abductors she wants to tell Supreme everything face to face and refuses to call him when she has the chance but will she be too late? Will she ever be able to get her family out of Maya's grasp?

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