PDF The Spider's Web (Sister Fidelma, #5): PDF

by Peter Tremayne

Still enjoying this series, maybe because I like hearing about the old Irish legal systm as well as the beliefs of the early Irish people and the different ideas within the Catholic church.

7/7/12 *I have revisited this review and plan to revisit the next few.I have been pondering why I read one book after the other and can barely put them down but turn around and fairly consistently rank them a 3.I know initially I was unhappy that the "bad guy" seemed obvious to me from nearly the beginning of the books and for having all the extraneous material (books 1 and 2).However, I did like book 3 more and ranked it a 4 but then I came back and ranked this a three.There is still some extraneous material but I do not recall the "bad guy" being as clear cut in this book so I am changing my rating to a 4—call it rounded up from 3.5.Three stars means I like the book but cannot recommend it.That was how I felt with books 1 and 2 but I think I'm over that now.

7/9/12 *OK, I am giving myself permission to go with my original gut feeling—3 stars.

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  • The Spider's Web (Sister Fidelma, #5): PDF
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PDF The Spider's Web (Sister Fidelma, #5)

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