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by Angela C. Santomero

Eureka! The team from television's Blue's Clues may havefound a cure for the common messy room. In this sturdy board book, polka-dotted puppy Blue and her ever-perky human helper Steve play a clever game of hide-and-seek. Lurking under this façade of fun is the fact thatthis game can help improve concentration skills. Children memorize the toys thathave erupted all over the colorful playroom floor (a scenario sure to strikea familiar chord), and when the lights go out, Blue puts one back intothe basket. Now the reader must figure out which toy is missing.It's agame parents may even want to stage in their own homes, since it isenjoyable, challenging, and has a major added benefit—luring unsuspecting kidsinto cleaning up their rooms. (Baby to preschool)

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