PDF Secrets in Small Towns (Small Town Series, Book 3): PDF

by Iza Moreau

The ball starts rolling when Sue-Ann McKeown, editor of The Pine Oak Courier, finds a zonked-out teenager in her woods. When it turns out that he has escaped from a juvenile detention center long rumored to abuse its charges, Sue-Ann senses that she's on a new case. But the kid goes missing, and Sue-Ann has to find him—especially given that Sgt. Joe Bickley of the local sheriff's office is threatening to "out" Sue-Ann and her girlfriend unless she produces the boy. Then a Courier reporter who is investigating the juvenile center is nearly killed, and Sue-Ann realizes she has a lot more to worry about than putting out a newspaper.

This is the third and most exciting novel in the Small Town Series.

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PDF Secrets in Small Towns (Small Town Series, Book 3)

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