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by Margaret Donaldson

Before I started my new job I wanted to try and get some idea of how children's minds work. This book was recommended to me - it's short and easy to read, and conveys a lot of information in language that is clear and easy to understand. Donaldson looks at the Piagetian theory of child development in terms of mental abilities and comprehension of concepts such as conservation, and uses examples from research to show what children are actually able to do in practice.

Despite not reading it that long ago, I can't remember any specifics, but do remember an overall theme that suggests that children are capable of a lot more than Piaget (and others) may have initially given them credit for, and that tasks are made considerably easier for them when you place them in context and use appropriate language. This was the take home message for me really. Not really that much of a surprise I suppose, but something that I think could be easily overlooked (certainly in my case as I'm used to working with adults).

As it's so short, I imagine I'll dip in and out of this again in the future. Despite being written in the 70s I think a lot of what Donaldson has to say is still relevant now (though I imagine the research has moved on significantly).

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