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by Mackynna Ruble

Amelia’s stolen the test key, and Professor Horris knows it. When he searches her and finds them, she knows she could face expulsion, academic probation, or more. Professor Horris is interested in handling the situation himself, though, and in this case that means a very, very rough first anal sex experience for this cheating schoolgirl.

Warning: This ebook contains explicit descriptions of rough sex including rough teacher/student sex, rough first anal sex, and spanking. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this ebook.

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I started to turn around and he said, “Hands flat on the door!”
“But you found it,” I said.
“Shut up! I’ve got to make sure you don't have anything else hidden there,” he replied. I felt a thrill run through me that was half fear, and half desire. I have to admit, Professor Horris was very attractive. His hands continued to move over my thighs and then he reached up and squeezed at my ass cheeks. He’d stopped searching. Now he was groping, and in truth I didn’t feel so offended anymore. He stood, and leaned against me. I felt his mouth at my neck. “I'm gonna give you a very thorough search,” he whispered.
Then I felt his hands lifting my skirt up. He squeezed my ass some more and then moved his hands up to my shoulders. He reached around and unbuttoned my shirt. I was in shock. I really didn't know what to do to get him to stop, but I also didn’t really want to. He pulled my shirt down until it was about half way down my forearms to my elbows. It made me keep my hands down but I kept my palms flat on the door. He lifted my skirt all the way up and tucked it into the back of my shirt so my ass was completely on display. And then his hands were at the thin white cotton of my panties, and I felt him pull them down to my knees. I never felt so damned exposed.
I just stood trembling for a minute or so. I turned to look at him, but the moment my head moved, I felt a hard stinging slap on my ass. As tears welled up and my face flushed red from the shame I turned back to the door and stared at the wood grain paneling. I was humiliated but I was also turned on.

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