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by Alan Sinfield

Papers include: Tragedy and the nationalist condition of criticism "Thomas Doucherty"—Descartes, Baudrillard, Dryden and a consideration of cultural relations between England and France in the late seventeenth century.ILaodamia and the moaning of Mary "John" "Barrell"—changing critical responses to Wordsworth's "heroic version of masculinity." Melodrama as Avant-garde: enacting a new subjectivity "Simon Shepherd"—nineteenth-century English radicals and translations of French melodrama. The diasporic imaginary: theorizing the Indian diaspora "Vijay Mishra;" Bisexuality, heterosexuality and wishful theory "Jonathan Dollimore. Reviews, index. Holcroft ""IA Tale of Mystery, —a melo-drame" and ICaleb Williams

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