PDF Tempting Demons (Wanton Sins, #1-2): PDF

by Rena Marks

Demonic Passions Keara Knight is the offspring of a human mother and demon father. Caught between two worlds, she's forced to live as an orphan among demons. Powers within her grow, causing her banishment as a teenager. To the hell dimension known as Earth.

Bitter after falling in love with a treacherous human, she develops the ability to make men fall in love with her to the point of madness. This attracts the attentions of Enishka, the demon lord. Now she's being tested to find which species takes precedence, for to be proven completely demon makes her eligible to be his bride.

Sexy Caleb Van Trump won't allow her demon side to overrule and tip the balance between good and evil. He'll awaken unknown passions and emotions in the half-breed to prove her human goodness. But can the naughty little demon find heaven in the arms of a human now that she knows how evil those creatures can be?

Demonic Pleasures

Natalya Hershkle had been appointed ruler of Luciefyiore. But a girl makes one teensy blunder and the whole ungrateful dimension turns on her. Her punishment is to be banished to Hell on Earth until she can rectify the mistake. By causing true love.

Unfortunately, she's no cupid. Humans are uncooperative, stupid creatures. Until she meets Jere Rousseau. Even though she wants the sexy man for herself, she's here to learn how to be unselfish. A martyr to the end, she continually tries to fix his stormy relationship with his human fiancée. But a horny little demon only has so much willpower around the temptation of such a highly sensual man...who emits pheromones like nobody's business. A man with ripped abs. Massive biceps. Beautiful muscular thighs. And a mighty fine, tight little ass.

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  • Tempting Demons (Wanton Sins, #1-2): PDF
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PDF Tempting Demons (Wanton Sins, #1-2)

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